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Activated Charcoal: Safe + Natural Teeth Whitening

The star of my oral care routine is my activated charcoal. It’s my secret when it comes to whitening my teeth, especially on days where I drink excessive amounts of caffeine. Activated charcoal is a pitch-black, odourless, tasteless powder that naturally whitens your teeth without any toxic chemical ingredients used in commercial tooth whitening. It promotes good oral health by helping reduce things that cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath while aiding in changing the pH in the mouth.

This practice started because my dentist asked me if I was interested in whitening my teeth. I was offended, I didn’t think my teeth were that yellow. I’ve always loved my coffee, been drinking it since I was real young. I have always took great care of my teeth—brushing, flossing, I see my dentist every 6-months with no cavities/fillers to date! That was two years ago when he asked me. I went home and looked into all the natural ways I could whiten, and my first attempt was through oil pulling via coconut oil. Personally, not a fan. Yes the oil pulled some of the bacteria and plaque from my teeth and mouth but I felt like it also acted like a glu and there were still leftovers sticking around in my mouth. Nom nom nope.

After that visit, the next one was quite different. After using the activated charcoal for a few months, I had not only whitened my teeth... but I had cleared up completely the mild gingavitis I had been challenged with for years! My dentist was shocked and didn't know anything of this natural alternative to teeth whitening, so I gave him the lowdown. He said that based on my results, its fascinating and he continues to keep track of my progress.



Begin by dabbing a damp, natural medium bristled toothbrush into activated charcoal powder and brush for approximately 3-minutes, before rinsing. It’s important to note, just like brushing your teeth with any other product, you should be brushing up and down in the direction of your enamel so you don’t wear it down. Caution: this stuff stains big time, so be mindful.


If choosing activated charcoal brand, make sure that it has all certified organic ingredients making it 100% natural, it’s dentist approved and not tested on animals. I’ve used only one brand since I started over a year ago, Carbon Coco. Its a brand that I trusted to introduce me to this magic powder, it's affordable and lasts for ages... depending on how often you use it. Personally, I use it periodically, 2-4x week, along with a natural fluoride free toothpaste.

Charcoal has gone viral, and you can find many tutorial videos and before/after pictures. Take a look here. Happy brushing!


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