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Happy New Decade.

As I'm sure you've noticed, last year I took a big PAUSE. I took a step back from updating my website, to keeping up with blogging, newsletters and social media... and for good reason. Last year was EPIC. So much growth in the richest sense of the word. I was working so hard that I needed to laser focus my attention.

Here's what you've missed... I lead my first Yoga Teacher Training in Brampton Ontario, I co-created an entire 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum (which just kicked off this week, yay!), another annual trip to Costa Rica, I gained 20 pounds and lost 20 pounds, I moved in with my partner, and got so busy that I delegated part of my responsibilities to work with a Corporate Yoga Company. Some other good stuff happened along the way but the gist is that I was busy preparing for this year... and 2020 feels magical already.

It's going to be my best year yet - physically, mentally and professionally. Part of my challenge for myself in 2020 is to be more active on all platforms, to have you all grow with me. Most importantly, I'm going to start writing more. Weekly blog posts to keep up with my love for the written word. I've got monthly workshops, another Yoga Teacher Training in the Fall, and plenty of opportunities to practice with me both publicly and privately.

This year is all about growth and impact. As I enter my 10th year teaching, I'm honouring this past decade of dedication to the practice by taking more trainings as the student and leading trainings as the Director of Continued Education at NU yoga studio. I'm not partial to titles, but I worked hard for that one.

I can't wait to share all that is to come. I hope that you will stick around so we can influence and inspire each other.

See you in your mailbox next week!



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