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What Happens When We Rush

I get it. If you're not working a 9-5, you're running errands and taking care of the household. Plus if you have a family, or just starting out…. your to-do list is as long as the day is short. There just seems to be not enough hours in the day for you to cross everything off. Some days feel like your running in circles, or life happens and your car breaks down...You’re left with busier more stressful days, hurrying around to make it on time for work or to pick up the kids, and still make dinner. Or maybe when life gets crazy, that's when you shine. You're super skillful when life throws you tasks, and in adversity, you're strong and resourceful for when you have to budget, give up or change something that's no longer working. Either of the two, they both have similar qualities. The act of rushing or moving too quickly invites the attitude that there is not enough time, money, or love to take care of yourself. We - I - often use the excuse that there isn’t enough time for ourselves - myself - in the day for self-care. Most cases, what we mean is that we don’t have enough patience. But what if we practiced every act, as coming from a place of self-love? From the food we eat to the mattress we sleep on? In this way, creating a life inspired by the simplest act of love. When we begin to slow down the process of how we eat, how we shop, how we move, or how we breathe…. we re-train the body and mind to see every precious moment as a gift and a blessing. Time starts to slow down, and we begin to notice that there are no ordinary moments. Every breath an invitation to expand and every day an opportunity to begin again.

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