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I Like It Raw #EcstaticPoetry


Show up in your birthday suit,

and scatter your love into

the hungry jaws of the unknown.

Bare your naked soul.

Stand resolute in your truth.

Now, tell your love story.

Allow yourself to be real and seen.

Here is where you witness

the sweetness,


and beauty,

of all that you are eternally.

Engraved majestic messages have been left

in the wrinkles, scars, and fine lines of your skin—

telling a story.

Beyond truth.

Beyond reason.

Beyond density.

This is your sweet spot.

There is magic here.

If you have not met yourself in this moment yet,

you will arrive soon.

Again, and again,

you will arrive.

Churn in your resolution,

for the sake of waking what lays dormant.

Shake up your comfort,

until an eruption echoes your real name forth wind.

Vulnerability cracks open

your mystic middle eye, as you ooze with clarity.

Prisms of instrumental love, we are.

Of Mother Earths cry,

rain pours down around you

soaking your bones to the flesh.

A vision speaks. An intuition seeks. A feeling overwhelms.

Tapped in and wide awake.

Breath is the doorway.

Quantumly entangled are the stars.

Inhale the Big Bang.

Exhale to glisten at your message

along the tapestry of the universe, for all to hear.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question.

There are no secrets here.

Ride, surf, jump, hover, float,

climb yourself to liberation.

And the answers will come.

Flashes of multicoloured beams of evolutionary wisdom,

pouring through, lining your souls pockets.

Amongst the stars you free fall,

landing upon your feet and becoming the creation

upon your very own canvas of life.

Freely and uniquely,

without limitation or doubt,

realizing what it ultimately all means to you.

Scorching the skies of knowing.

Forgiveness runs true along the horizon.

A sparkle of union now emanates,

infiltrates, through the pupil of our combined vision.

I see you now,

I recognize your face.

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