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Tattoo's + High School Baggage

I promised myself when I graduated high school that I would never return.

Then I went through a huge shift in my mentality.

Years later, when I graduated from my life coach training I had dreams that on my 10-year high school reunion, I would walk barefoot up on stage and share my story of how far I’ve come. How I forgave my past and composted my high school experience to fuel my work and passion for yoga... for living.

Well, I’m a year early and I’m speaking to a different generation. Some would say that's pretty f$%#ing Cosmic.

On Friday March 10th, I attended The Woodlands School for their WoodsTalks Event. They hand chose a group of high school alumni's from the past, who up until this point, has been successful and inspirational in their field.

I'm always pretty chill and in my zone when I'm speaking in front of people, but the anticipation for this was nerve racking and emotional. In the most exciting sense. For those that don't know my story, I share the important chunks you need to know here, in this previous article. Also, cosmic AGAIN that I wrote that article not to long before I was asked to give a talk.

In a stream of consciousness, I laid out a twenty minute speech on what I've wanted to say for some time now. Let me share the gist of it with you.

Robert Bly, the author of A Little Book On The Human Shadow, talks about the long bag we drag behind us. How we all carry this invisible bag, and through our upbringing and experiences, we are influenced on what good or bad and right or wrong is. Our parents have their say, our teachers have their say, and by high-school our peers have their say. For me, by highschool, my bag was already miles long. Through all the bullying, I put my happiness in my bag, my joy, sadness, ambitions, and ultimately my voice.

We spend our life until we are twenty something deciding what parts of ourselves to put into the bag, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to get them out again. Robert Bly then asks us, "Suppose we keep our bag sealed... what happens then?" The story says that when we put a part of ourselves in the bag it regresses, it de-evolves.

I shared with the school that without:

my vulnerability of sharing my high school experience;

my courage of dropping out of University;

my hunger to travel;

the messiness and beauty of becoming a teacher and a coach and a mentor,

I would have kept the best parts of me stuffed away.

I invite the inquiry and exploration of dumping out the contents of my bag... every time. For the sake of my evolution, for the sake of learning how to clean up my own messes. I will not regress.

We're all just walking each other home.

— Ram Dass

As you can imagine, it was an honour for me to be there and so therapeutic. In honour of this milestone, I finally got the tattoo that I've wanted for some time now. The word 'home' in my own writing, which is inspired by the quote that I literally dreamed of sharing, and did at this event.

Oh, and yes, I did walk up on stage barefoot. #dreamrealized

What have you stuffed away?

What are you willing to take out, even if it's just for now?

Have you opened up the contents of your bag? What did you find?

Join the conversation, leave a comment below.

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