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Wander + Wander #EcstaticPoetry

not all who wander are lost.

wander and wander,

until the point of exhaustion.

stand in a delicious void

with swatches of stars in the distance.


light to light to light.

each light an idea,

a person,

an inspiration.

this is


for your soul.

embrace the magic

that is this moment.

tap into your childlike innocence—

like fairies hidden in leaves

dancing in groves.

untouched fantastical forests

teeming with life.

this is source.

deeply nourished

skin radiating with vitality.

to-the-core healthy.

like rocks erupting from the ground.

stand in your knowing

that life throws you into the fire,

destroys you

for that moment,

only to transform the darkness

into light.

as sparks fly.

embrace the magic

that is this moment.

soul-fire awakened.

marinate in this ecstasy...


spreading body wide and

soaking in the sensuality of life.

ecstatic freedom is the way:





and wander,

because this is it.


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