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Hello, New Year.

Holy 2016, you were a rough and wild ride.

Energy is at it's highest right now as new intentions are being made, goals are being set, and to-do lists are being checked off. Just like many, I took the time to contemplate what resolutions I wanted to make in 2017.

As I sat down with myself I started to ask, “Why now?”. Why do we need to start a new year to make a resolution?

To set a goal? To end our procrastination and start doing, creating, living, laughing, loving… From this place, I quickly found my resolution.

As guru Yoda would say, “There is no try, just do.” So, this is my intention for myself and for all of you. Just DO life.

Walk your talk, end your excuses, and live by taking action in the areas of your life that you know have been calling for attention.

Living intentionally in this way, constantly moving and evolving, will inspire you to keep going to have your goals realized and to-do lists checked.

In this new year:

May we trust our gut, following our intuition more than a celebrities Instagram account.

May we fill our days with productivity, so our nights can be playful.

May we take more time for self-care first, so we can take care of others second.

May we spend more of our hard earned money on experiences, rather than the latest gadget or pair of shoes.

May we do what it feels good to do for our soul, not for our Facebook feed or the number of likes on our latest Twitter post.

May we slow down our pace to that of nature, so we can realize that there are no ordinary moments and that magic is everywhere. Intend to live for now.

Yours in yoga,


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