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Freedom Is An Inside job

It’s been a minute since I posted… So, on a real note, let me share what I’ve been churning with for the past few weeks.

Lately I’ve been struggling with my voice—my message. It’s because of this I have been taking more care of my emotional well-being. So, for a while I needed some time away from social media, but now I’m realizing that writing is the most appropriate outlet for how I’m dealing and the best way to cope with my internal dialogue.

During my time of contemplation, I came across a company that reminded me of a life lesson that I now want to share with you all.


Up until I found yoga, I was a victim of my own story. I kept replaying the same stories in my head of being neglected, alone, depressed, abused, sick and bullied. These were all excuses that I made to not have girlfriends, of cheating in a relationships, of being unemployed, and the list goes on. Without getting into the entire backstory of who I am today, the milestone was when I dropped out of University and travelled alone to complete my first YTT (Yoga Teacher Training). At this point I was still a baby yogi and I didn’t expect to be a teacher by the end… I just wanted and needed to be apart of something safe and sacred.

Through that first experience I caught a very real and bright glimpse of my authentic self. The one without stories or excuses. The darkness that I was carrying for so long seemed insignificant. It was for the next three years, that I was full speed and face first into the practice of yoga. I started asking deeper questions about life, about myself, understanding that yoga was so much more than asana. I guess I manifested what would come next because it was through my travels, I found my life teacher Coby. For the first time in my life I had a role model, and even more significant, a female figure.

I ended up following her teachings for years which included my most memorable experience, my Life Coach Training. She was facilitating in the same town as my YTT, which was even more magical and perfect for me ending up in that space at that time. During that point in time, I was coached and coached again about my life… past and present.

Now, the peak of this training for me was a lesson she shared on freedom. And the lesson is this: The beauty of life is that we have the freedom to choose. Choose who we want to become. Simple and straight forward, yes?

First it was understanding that there is no good or bad to what happens to you on your path because we are all learning specific lessons to our own unique story, in our own time. And so, when we keep playing victim, living and reliving the same stories that don’t serve our wellbeing, what we keep saying to the Universe is that, “I’m not ready.” So, the Universe is going to keep giving you the same lessons until you learn that there is no such thing as being victim. You cannot be a victim unless you believe it’s true.

You are personally responsible for your life, once you become aware that you are personally responsible for your life. Taking conscious responsibility is a choice to liberate yourself from your own hindering’s.

The juice of this lesson, the catch, is that you always were free. For me, I was always free from the boundaries, boys and beliefs that had me thinking otherwise. And just like me, you are a free being too. Free to choose to live your life, however you wish to live it.

So, may you be aware and skillful in your choice to act. May you be reminded that your self-sabotaging thoughts, hurtful words, and feelings of being small and alone are choices. And the beauty is that it takes a one degree shift in your thinking to make a conscious choice to liberate yourself, for the sake of changing your story.

The key to freedom has always been around your neck. For me, in the past I was just unaware of this, and these past few weeks I fell victim again, but then I remembered this lesson.

I'm free now. ❤️ Are you?


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