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Karma Class Recap, Thank You's + Pratapana

This past weekend I hosted my final Karma class of the Summer. These experimental classes were a hit, and with the amazing feedback I received, I will be expanding these events in the future. Sign-up for my newsletter to receive exclusive updates and future invites first hand.

First, I want to send a big thank you to Karma Athletics for sponsoring the event! And, second, I want to thank all of the students who participated, showed support and did great work on their mat.

Stepping into a power yoga class, not only can be especially tough for the body, but it's also a challenge for the mind. Coming to our intelligent edge, sustaining a pose longer than we want to, is when the real inner work begins.This is the white hot truth. The moment you want to leave the pose is when the pose begins.

Just like riding a bicycle, yoga is a process. You gotta warm yourself up physically and mentally, prior to getting into asana. This approach to yoga originates from the school of Kripalu—called pratapana.

Slow it down to warm it up.

Pratapana is sanskrit for coming close to the fire. After centering, we move into a playful building of warmth and energy—usually slow and sensuous. Moving too fast can lead to injury and missed opportunities for a deep reconnection to your body and breath. Think of pratapana as conditioning poses that we flow through to warm up for asana.

For example it's encouraged that you move through the six movements of the spine before engaging in any other movement. The spine is what holds us all together, and giving it the proper warm up will enable all our limbs to kick in gear.

After pratapana, our body is ready to dive deep into asana. During our class we focused on the Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) which governs our strength, courage, willpower and our ability to create and manifest. We tapped into the root chakra's element, fire, by stoking the fire with pratapana than igniting our inner flame through core and leg strengthening sequences.

Big love to all that showed up fully in their practice and finished strong.


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