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When I Say I Love You, This Is What I Mean... + Audio Meditation

When I say “I love you,” I don’t say it out of habit, or to make conversation.

I love you means I choose to love you. In a world full of choices, I made the choice to let you into my life. However big, small or absent you are now, you once made an impression on me. Up until this point, in my lifetime, what I’ve learned is that people will forget what you’ve said and did, but what people will remember… is how you made them feel.

I love you means I feel love in my heart for you. I want you to flourish and have joy in your life. I want you to realize your potential, and fearlessly move forward into the depth of your dreams. To breakthrough your ideologies so you can persevere and commit to being bold, beautiful and unapologetic.

I love you means you’re not alone. You have me for life. We may not talk often or even anymore, but if you were once orbiting my world, you are still in my prayers. And if you are in my life, then I consider you family.

I love you means I accept you. I accept you for who you are and that I do not wish to change any parts of you, because I understand that all parts of you make you who you are today.

I love you means you’re forgiven. It is not in my character to hold grudges or be bitter. What ever you have done in your life time, what ever you said to me on that one drunken night, however you lashed out, and the silent treatment you gave me for years… it’s okay. I may not support the choices you have made in your past, but whats done is done and to regret your past is to shrink the you that you are today. And you are beautiful standing confident in your failures, fall outs and triumphs that connected my soul to yours.

I love you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s personal or romantic, you are important to me universally. Because if yoga has taught us anything, it’s that we are something alike and nothing alike. That just like you, I've found happiness, I've been loved, I've felt confident in my skin and experienced gratitude. And, just like you, I've been hurt. I've felt deep loneliness, angry, depression and have been scared.

So, the next time you say I love you, mean it wholeheartedly.

Be open to give love, receive love and above all share love. Practice opening up your heart with a guided meditation found below.


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