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Karma Class Recap, The Cosmic Coin + Questions To Shift Your Perspective NOW

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of facilitating an exclusive and intimate karma yoga class to a group of inspired yogi’s.

In sponsorship with Karma Athletics, the class was not in promotion of their clothing but in promotion of their message. As a Karma Activist, it’s my duty to shed light on what karma is all about, and how with small shifts we can be the change we wish to see in ourselves and the world around us.

Change is an inside job, so we all stepped onto our mat and did the necessary work to remove our judgments and expectations for those couple of hours, and replaced those thoughts with the simplicity of linking breath and movement. By dropping out of your mind and into your body, you invite into the space an opportunity to make shifts. Shifts in your habitual ways of thinking, being and doing. Ultimately, this double-arrowed awareness effects your actions on and off your mat to encourage you to do and see things differently.

This is the beginning of Karma—awareness followed by action equals one degree shifts.

Karma, as we know it, is the causal realm that is bound and governed by the law of action. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and effect. We reap precisely what we sow.

What many people misunderstand about Karma, is that it is just one side of the Cosmic Coin. It is balanced out by its paradoxical and complimentary side called Lila.

Lila is the sheer randomness of the universe expressed as the urge of play. It’s understanding that through Karma, everything happens for a reason, and for no reason at all… This is Lila. The universe is simply playful, and free, because it has the potential to do so. Seeing the world through the lens of Lila, is understanding that there is no order per se, but no lack of order either.

Throughout the class we danced with Lila in its various forms. Engaging all our senses. Dogs barking, smells of barbecues taking place, neighbours weed whacking, or bursts of wind that would muffle my voice. All beautiful and all acts of Lila.

When Lila shows up in it’s various forms, there are two perspectives people choose to take.

One, is coming from a place of reaction and frustration. In this way, we are going against the rhythm of the universe. Whether you intend to or not, you are mirroring back to the universe ‘bring on more’. In ways, we manifest what we don’t want because we are constantly sending out signals of ‘go away,’ which really this means to the universe, that there is a lesson to be learned and the lesson will keep showing up until you learn it.

The second perspective, in the words of the late Wayne Dyer, is that “How you react is your karma, and how others react is theirs.” You have no control over people, but you do have control over yourself. As small, and minuscule that sounds, also understand that you are the universe in physical form and that the frequency you vibrate at is received and you will get a response. That response is dependent on your actions. Whether you are learning your lessons, in all it’s mysterious forms.

So the next time, something doesn’t go your way… like a co-worker yelling at a customer over the phone while your reading this email, is just an act of Lila. A test of your karma. How will you react?


Questions To Shift Your Perspective Now


There are two questions that come to my mind in moments of a crisis. I guarantee that if you use them, you will immediately be better able to deal with the issue at hand.

1. What can I learn from this situation? Extract positives and use it as a learning experience.

Become a master of extracting positives, than you will also be a master at improving yourself and dealing with problems in your stride. Events may take place, and as catastrophic at the time they may seem, they can turn out to be blessings in disguise. The firing that lead to starting a business, the break up that lead to a more fulfilling relationship or maybe even that illness that lead to taking better care of your health.

Everything happens for a reason, and for no reason at all. ;)

2. What else can this mean? Now you have choices. When in doubt, shift perspective.

Think of this scenario:

You have arranged to meet your partner or good friend for dinner and you arrive on time at the restaurant.

The other person still hasn't shown up after 10-minutes and you start to say to yourself," Typical, she's always late. She simple has no respect for other people." Not really useful is it? ...and not very likely to pave the way for a great night.

Ask yourself, "What else could this mean?" This is a question that I use often because I think it is so valuable. The internal voice could now be saying, "She must really care about me because she is obviously taking the time to look her/his best." Small shift in thinking, and a guarantee to prevent any arguments. This keeps the situation in perspective.

Think and reflect for a moment on the last time you had an argument with a loved one. Try and briefly regain those feelings by seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard and feeling what you felt. Now recreate the internal dialogue that was going on inside your head.

What are you saying to yourself? Are you asking questions that are helpful or are you asking questions that are likely to exacerbate the situation and lead to an argument? At times like this we often disappear inside and look for evidence to support our opinion that we are perfectly justified in feeling like we do. Well, we have another alternative, and that is to ask,"What else can this mean?" Put a positive spin on any situation by changing your outlook.

What kind of questions do you ask yourself? Are they serving you well?

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