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Beginning As A Beginner Again

I’ve always been a student of life.

As an avid learner, I love to: read, study, create, and learn from others. I was never this way in school, mainly because I was never interested in what was being taught. This is one of the reasons why I dropped out of university early on. Best decision I’ve ever made.

I’m not opposed to traditional schooling at all. Though, I am opposed to students going to school for the sake of going. Pleasing parents, following the crowd, or that it’s the 'only choice' that they see ahead for them. I’m pro-learning anything that supports you in the evolution of your life path.

We can go through our whole life doing something that we believe is 'right', even if we have all the experience to back up our logic.

Whats truer than what you're doing right now with your life?

Where are you unhappy, unfulfilled, lacking joy and passion?

First we must understand our story, then learn to make our past our message for the sake of our future. It’s through turning our own experiences into our advantages of becoming our own expert. In other words, composting. Turning your (for lack of a more eloquent word) 'shit' into something useful.

Even when I’m learning now, I discard anything that doesn’t apply to myself or my career that I’m creating for myself. I do this in order to let new information in. I'm constantly decluttering my mind, being in a state of not knowing... for the sake of having a beginners mind.

A beginners mind widens our perception, so we can look at other possibilities rather than accepting what is. Below are some tips to get you started.

Tips to begin as a beginner again:

  • First steps first. Take life one step at a time without rushing to get from A to B. When we are in this in-between mindset we remain either in the past or in the future, never in the present moment. Right away we are pulling ourselves away from our current experience.

  • Know that you don’t know. Start by becoming the observer in your life, perceiving and approaching life from a childlike view. Everything feeling new and unknown. Get playful.

  • Be curious and ask questions. In a state of not knowing, don’t blindly move forward in life, begin to ask questions. There are no such thing as stupid questions, so get interested in the inquiry of life and get involved in conversations.

  • Fall or fail, get back up and begin again. We are in a living laboratory of life. Blessed with the freedom to experiment with our life path. Make mistakes. Learn what doesn't work, and try something different. It's like trying on a new outfit. You don't know until you try on an outfit to see if it's a good fit, and if it isn't you switch the size or find something else that does work. Go try on as many outfits as you can!

  • Stop being an expert. When we get into the habit of knowing what we already know, we let our own opinions take over and become judgmental. Instead open yourself up to what you can learn and improve on what you know.

  • Begin at the beginning again...

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