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Loko Sport: Yoga For Every Body

Yoga is for every body, age and ability level.

There are no limitations or restrictions, only the ones we put on ourselves.

Being in this industry for over half-a-decade, I've noticed mainly in women—for a number of factors —feel uncomfortable shopping for clothes to workout in.

Not only have fashion industries in general idolize thin and fit women, many activewear industries mainstream already fit bodies in athletic gear.

That's why it was refreshing to come across a brand that promotes yoga for every body, providing a range of sizes from XS-22. I couldn't be prouder that this also happens to be an eco-conscious Canadian made company.

Introducing to you Loko Sport. Intelligent clothing for intelligent women. They believe women of all sizes and ages can look and feel great in comfortable and stylish clothes.

Meet Sandra Maniago, the brains and beauty behind this ethical brand. She shares with us more about Loko Sport, it's evolution, mission and what's to come.


Cass: Can you share with me and the YY community a little bit about yourself?

Sandra: I am the Founder, Designer and general force behind Loko Sport. I have worked in Canada’s fashion industry my whole career upon graduating from Ryerson’s Fashion Design program in the early 90’s. I new I wanted to design fashion at the age of 13, and started pattern making and sewing shortly after.

My first job in Toronto’s garment district was as a Pattern maker/grader. I love the process of developing styles and bringing together all the details. Patternmaking is still one of my favourite things to do. I then went to work for a small local activewear manufacturer in my home town of London, ON. I have always loved being active, and this was my introduction to developing activewear. I love how there is both a fashion and practical component to fitness wear. It needs to perform, but it’s fun to make it look good too.

Cass: What led you to developing Loko Sport?

Sandra: I decided to go for it and design and sell a line, Loko Sport in 2006 after my youngest child started Grade 1. Before that, myself and a small staff manufacturered cheerleading and dancewear that sold across Canada. I had put off starting the line for so many reasons before: small children, worry of failure, but I told myself now or never. My husband and I came up with the name Loko Sport, because it sounded light and fun. I think being active should be fun, enjoyable and a little crazy. It sometimes shouldn’t be taken so seriously and should be a fun part of a healthy lifestyle.

Cass: I adore that Loko Sport is such an intentional brand, can you share about the mission/philosophy?

Sandra: Our mission is simply to offer women of all sizes fashionable, comfortable and functional active and casual wear. The right style and fit make all the difference in making a woman feel attractive and confident. It’s a shame to shrink away from life because you are not a size 6. Put on something that makes you feel good, and get out there and be happy and healthy.

I am an advocate of supporting and working with other women. I have had the opportunity of working with so many talented and capable women during these years (men too!) It is very rewarding to see that this has set a positive example to my children who grew alongside my business.

Cass: Beautiful. I'm so proud that your Canadian made too. Tell me more about Loko Sport's eco-conscious efforts.

Sandra: Loko Sport is proudly Made in Canada. I believe that keeping jobs in our country benefits our local communities. We should all be buying from our neighbours. I respect and support Canada’s environmental efforts. Manufacturing in many other countries violate human rights in regards to labour laws and pollution levels. Loko Sport is also offered in 9 sizes: XS-22. There is no separate Plus line. Just choose your size and rock your outfit! Every size is cut the same to flatter the female form, whether it’s slim or full.

Cass: What's next for Loko Sport?

Sandra: Demand for our products have been growing. Loko Sport plans on being available in more stores in Canada and internationally. I am thrilled and grateful everyday that there are women out there that want to wear my designs which allows me to do a job I love.


Bottoms: Shea Legging

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