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Be Your Own Karma Part 2/2

Karma Athletics Review + PSOAS Opening Mini-Practice

Happy Friday!

Hitting you up with my second instalment of Be Your Own Karma, featuring a review of Karma Athletics and my FIRST mini yoga video sporting my new outfits.

As I’ve expressed in my past post — Be Your Own Karma Part 1Karma Athletics is a Canadian athletic wear brand who have been making a name for themselves internationally through their unique and innovative sense of style.

I first came across their clothing at a local Marshall’s. What caught my eye was a grey capris legging, with mesh crossing over the knees (the end of the mini-practice will show you these perfect fit capris).

I’m also very partial to clean and clever branding. These capris’ had black thin cursive writing of the word ‘karma’, and it’s tag had the slogan “Clothing for movement. Clothing for a movement.”

Dang. I was sold.

It wasn’t until this year that I wanted to partner up with Canadian based companies to support my karma initiative. Little did I know at the time of buying those capris, that Karma Athletics is a Canadian based brand.

Needless to say, it was meant to be.

I sought out Karma Athletics earlier this year, went through the process to become an Activist for their brand, and I am ecstatic to share my review on a few new pieces I purchased recently.

In the video I’m sporting the Theodora Tank in Fig and Golda Tight in Black.

I love unique tops to practice in and this one is definitely a new fave. The colour itself is rich and the built in bra is so supportive, my goodies aren’t going anywhere while in my downward dog. Ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

The pants are super soft and comfortable to move around in. I LOVE the vertical mesh stripe. I’m short to begin with so this emphasis on the front of the pant elongates my legs, making me feel longer and leaner than I actually am. I can wear these pants from studio to the streets, dressing them up or down — they work with anything.

Watch my FIRST short yoga video, with myself practicing in my new pieces. Bonus playtime at the end with a preview of my final new piece I added to my collection — the Muriel Bra in Black. :)

The bra speaks for itself. Innovative and Karmalicious.


Sometimes mornings don’t give me enough time to get a full on practice, so I will squeeze at least 10-15 minutes to stop, listen to what the body is calling for, and move to the intelligence of my organism.

In this video, my hips needed some lovin’. So I’ve focused on moving to lengthen and strengthen the PSOAS muscles — which in turn open up the hip flexors, giving me a deep release.

The PSOAS muscles reside in the body’s pelvic region, connecting the lower back to the upper thighs. When they aren’t working well, it is a major problem for anyone. It can cause pain for several different reasons. If you find any limitations as well as pain in your hip movements, the PSOAS flexors are usually the cause. Read more here.

The sequence starts off slow then picks up quickly. I invite you to continue practicing when it’s done, moving to the intelligence of your body. Listen to what else it needs, and move mindfully in that way.

Stop. Listen. Begin. / Play. Pause. Repeat.

Until next week,

xo Cass

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