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Be Your Own Karma Part 1/2

“Once you become aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life, you are personally responsible for everything in your life.”

— Bruce Lipton

What 2015 has taught me is that I am beyond grateful to be a Canadian. I made a choice-less choice to start a small business, which was only possible with the support of my students - my yoga community of inspired yogis. I emphasize the word small because thats what I’m about. Personalized, intimate, tailored-to-you, one-on-one.

Stepping into 2016, I declared my ‘word’ for the year that would influence all of my choices and actions.


I've felt that I have held onto a so-called 'karmic debt' over the years and now it is now my mission to pay it off.

From buying from local, eco-friendly, independent, positive companies to a massive new side project all on Karma Yoga... news and updates to come later this year. Yippee!

This idea of giving back started with my connection to Costa Rica. Here is where I started Yoga, where I began this journey, where now my family has invested their time and money into a vacation home. I felt rescued my first visit during my teacher training. Rescued from the beliefs and habits that held me back from a pura vida lifestyle. So I started my karmic action taking in CR... Giving back the priceless experiences, warmth and love it has given me over the years.

To set into motion my intention for the year, — and a stepping stone for my side project — during this visit, I curated loot bags filled with stationary items that I brought to a local school in Potrero, Costa Rica.

We believe in the principles of cause and effect.

We believe in doing the right thing and not just saying it.

We believe that everything is connected.

And all the things we do makes a difference.

We are inspired by courage and the need to improve, grow and evolve.

We seek to Inspire our local communities to join us in making a positive impact around the world.

— Karma Athletics

Moving forward with my karma project for the year, I am also honoured and very proud to be a Karma Activist for a Canadian authentic athletic wear brand called Karma Athletics. They have made a name for themselves internationally through their unique and innovative sense of style.

The vision of their company is to promote a healthy lifestyle for active people who value fashion, quality and social responsibility. As a life coach and yogi at heart, I am a cheerleader along many students paths, holding them accountable to their choices and actions. As a Karma Activist, I spread and share the movement of this company, supporting their brand, mission and values of a Karmic lifestyle.

As you leave this post, my wish for you is this… set your own goals and be inspired by courage and own your Karma. Whether you like it or not, everything you do and say sets in motion what you will receive back from the universe. You can believe it or not, but your energy is felt. Whether its negative or positive, you will only get back what you manifest.

Lets manifest a Karmic lifestyle by breaking patterns and setting new standards. Support a brand that supports you in positive change.

Enter Promo Code camaral10 to receive 10% off Karma Athletics gear.

Stay tuned next week for a second instalment of this post, sharing a personal practice and review in my new Karma Athletic gear.

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