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The Secret To Loving Yourself Fully

Part of being entrepreneur, is recognizing and supporting other small businesses. In my case, as a yogi-preneur, I support small businesses that send positive messages while creating positive change.

This year, I had the pleasure of being introuduced to a brand called Mental Happy. A beautiful subscription brand that you can purchase to cheer yourself up or purchase for someone else to cheerlead some on. Each item in the box is a tool to create a state of 'mental happy'. From gratitude to sparking creativity, each item encourage a shift from fear and doubt, to self-love and inner peace.

Sometimes though, the material tools aren't enough to shift our mindset. Sometimes we need a little more wisdom, a few more inner tools to assist us with our healing process. So, I've partnered with the team of Mental happy to share my advice and experience on the topic of self-care. Sharing answers to some big questions, such as:

What's the big secret to loving yourself and others fully?

What happens when we take the time to care for ourselves?

How do you 'self-care' and what can you do RIGHT NOW to shift your mental state?

Whats the best advice I would give to you RIGHT NOW?

These questions answered and more juicy information found on the latest Mental Happy blog. Check out my article here.

Please read and ask don't hesitate to ask questions or simply reach out!

We all want to be heard and acknowledged, and as a leader in health and wellness, I am here to cheerlead you all on to better physical and mental health.

Big love,

xx C

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